The best way to end a waterfowl season

BRUNSWICK, Md. – It’s not often that I find myself packing up my Outlander Sport and embarking on a late-night drive to middle Maryland to go goose hunting – hunting in general, really – but there I was, pulling into my girlfriend’s grandmother’s house at 1 a.m. to wake up 4 hours later to do […]

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Ducks Unlimited national scholarship, high school and college chapter programs lead way in R3

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – A lot of nonprofit organizations have scholarships available to young adults graduating from high school, but not many fall under the hunting and conservation tags.  Enter Ducks Unlimited, one of the better-known organizations in the hunting world, who will, for another year, award 61 scholarships to 2021 graduates. The scholarships are available to all […]

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The Kent Island pilgrimage

KENT ISLAND, Md. – I looked at the permanent blind sitting just a couple hundred yards off the northern tip of Kent Island, staring directly into a slow, west wind.  Though a county in England, the likely origin of Kent Island’s moniker, kent is Scottish word – past tense of ken – that means “know.” That […]

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