RECIPE: Appalachian pho

Another meal I like to cook (and order!) in the bitter, winter months is authentic Vietnamese pho. Typical with chicken, pork and beef, I wanted to try it out with one of the venison tenderloins I had sitting in my freezer. PREPARATION: After completely thawing, put the tenderloin in the freezer for one hour. Prep […]

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RECIPE: Venison tikka masala

On these cold, winter days, nothing hits better than a warm and spicy meal. So I looked to India for the inspiration for this Tikka Masala, and instead of traditional meat, I had a few nice deer sirloins calling my name from the freezer. Take note, this can take some time to prepare, so if […]

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RECIPE: Joe Rogan, Appalachian Huntsman backstrap

Two different styles of backstrap, two delicious meals for any occasion Although the holidays are long gone, I’d like to share with you a staple recipe you can whip up in less than an hour and impress your guests as if you’ve been cooking it all day for any occasion.  The best part is, with […]

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