Skunked in Maryland’s Mennonite country in early goose season

CEARFOSS, Md. – Just south of the Pennsylvania border resting between I-81 and the Conococheague Creek is Cearfoss, Maryland – a small pocket of corn and soybean farms in the middle of Mennonite country. 

You can smell it before you see it, a signal that you’re in rural America – even if a big town is just 20 minutes away. As the veil opens and you cross those cow-patty laden farm lines, you may catch sight of folks hitting the fields in search of geese. 

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Home is where the best fishing is; and where you get humbled

HARRISVILLE, W.Va. – There’s something refreshing about going home. It’s even more refreshing to fish the river you grew up around. 

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Basic everyday self-care routine for busy men

It’s been a long day. You come home, kick your boots off, set your dirty Tupperware in the sink and crash on the bed, only to wake up early tomorrow morning and repeat what feels like a never-ending cycle. 

And in today’s world, most of us are being overworked and barely have time for ourselves between family commitments or plans you make with friends. But, for men, self-care is something we push to the side until it’s too late or we’re so downtrodden that it seems impossible to go the extra mile. 

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