Day 2 on Cheat Lake proves a new location is needed for the waning days of summer


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – After a disappointing first day back on the banks of Cheat Lake, I had my new game plan ready to put in motion. I grabbed my rehashed bait box, tucked it into my backpack, loaded it along with my pole in my car and set out for Ice’s Ferry. Today was the day I was going to nab a fish in my favorite spot once again. 

Air-headed mistakes and an unsuccessful day breeds new game plan for tackling Cheat Lake


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – There’s something to be said about the urge to conquer a body of water you move next to. When you wake up every morning and see the sun shimmering off the crisp, blue surface it’s as if the celestial body is casting its own spinner bait trying to hook anglers.

West Virginia whitetail harvest over last decade sees drastic decline

Deer, Hunting

A change is happening in the Mountain State, and it isn’t good. 

West Virginia is known for a lot of poor qualities when put up against the other 49 states, but something that a lot of people aren’t talking about is the consistent decline of whitetail deer harvests. In 2008, hunters totaled 163,603 kills across the four month season. A year later, they only tallied 155,214, and in 2010 that number plummeted to 106,499, a 31.4 percent decrease. Since then, they’ve only surpassed the 140,000-mark once. 

Five years after closure, West Virginia DNR Director Stephen McDaniel not giving up on Pedlar WMA shooting range


OSAGE, W.Va. – Through the rolling hills and country churches of Pursglove and Jere, well-intentioned folks don’t have many recreational opportunities when traveling down the Mason Dixon Highway. But nestled among private lands is one of West Virginia’s most beautiful and secluded wildlife management areas.

PERSPECTIVE: Don’t fall for the marketing gimmicks when preparing for new, returning hunting seasons

Duck, Hunting

There’s a lot I’ve had to do to get ready for my first year of Maryland’s migratory bird seasons. Especially when it is right around the corner and in a state that’s unfamiliar.

Callback: The Coopers Rock watchmen

Conservation, Recreation

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – As the cold April ran fell on the morning of Earth Day 2017, volunteers laced up their boots and traveled to Coopers Rock to revitalize Mother Nature. 

Attendees planted trees next to the overlook parking lots before restoring the Trout Pond and the daytime parking trails in the afternoon.