Danner Powderhorns still holding up after months of constant use

Like the device our forefathers used to load their muskets, the Danner Powderhorns are the reliable piece of equipment we should never leave home without. And after nine months of heavy use, I’m happy to say I’ve found my go-to boot for most hunts. 

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Rough waters: In the midst of COVID-19, food acquisition still stable on the Eastern Shore

STEVENSVILLE, Md. – As fog hung to the water’s surface in the Chesapeake Bay, Capt. Brandon Moore and first mate Stephanie Shields of Chasin Tail Hunting and Fishing Charters were finishing the required prerequisites before launching into open water. 

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Guiding America’s last frontier: A West Virginian’s journey chasing big game in Alaska

You wouldn’t guess it by just having a passing conversation with him, but Josh Compton is one of the most versed big game guides that has graced Alaska since 2007.  

Compton, a resident of Harrisville, W.Va., lives a quiet life with his wife and son. He works for Dominion Energy all but two weeks out of the year when he makes his annual pilgrimage to Kodiak, Alaska. There he guides for Hunt Alaska Outfitters that’s owned and operated by an old colleague, Rick Hoskins. 

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Stubborn duck

SMITHVILLE, W.Va. — When you think of West Virginia in terms of hunting, you typically go to whitetail deer. Or maybe your mind goes to turkey, squirrel or black bear.

Dylan Frye does, too, but he’s not focused on all of the traditional animals — he’s in the pursuit of waterfowl.

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